One of the best things we’ve seen lately, if not ever, is Sacha Baron Cohen as DJ Solitary. The actor and comedian famous for his off-the-wall humor and borderline offensive characters, such as Borat and Bruno, was able to trick a Miami nightclub into believing he was the next big thing for a hilarious result.

It gets better, though. As it turns out, real-life producer Hudson Mohawke was in on the stunt the entire time. He actually made the song, now known as “Cell-by-date,” that landed DJ Solitary his very first gig out of prison. From Miami, to Showtime’s Who Is America, and finally to SoundCloud, this nearly 9-minute track seems to be all anyone is talking about right now.

If “Cell-by-date” sounds off-putting or makes you feel uncomfortable, well, that’s simply the track’s intent. Much of the crowd and viewers from home were able to pick up right away that something strange was happening at SWAY Nightclub when DJ Solitary took the decks. Now, we get to hear exactly how disturbing his sound gets with this official upload from the guys behind the prank.

This is where we also find out DJ Solitary is stylized as DJ 5olitary, because DJs.

Listen below, get your free download, and see even more of Who Is America here.

DJ 5olitary – Cell-by-date


Screenshot via Showtime