What’s in Alison Wonderland‘s bag? Well, you’re about to find out…

In a fascinating interview with The Verge, AW literally spilled everything inside of her go-to bag for the site’s recurring feature. She’s the self-described, “Mary Poppins of packing.” So, she knows how to do it right.

We’re not going to give away all of the secrets (check out the full article for that), but here are some of the most important things the multifaceted DJ/producer keeps in her bag.

First up, she carries two bags.

Her most personal item: Chickalobola. A stuffed animal chicken that has traveled with her to EDC, Coachella and beyond. “I got him from my grandfather when I was six, and I have never separated from him.”

Pretty much an entire wardrobe: Pair of shorts, long socks, a oversized t-shirt, overalls and a “normal” t-shirt. “So if I lose my checked bag, then at least I’ll have a change of clothes for going out, one for walking around, one for a show.”

Makeup: Concealer by Clé de Peau. “It literally changed my life.” Eyebrow pencil, lipstick, perfume, foundation. “I swear by Smashbox.”

Glitter, obviously: “That’s very important.”

Crystals: Amethyst is good for anxiety and clear quartz is “just good to have around.”

The essentials: “Then I’ve got my passport holder, my wallet, and my keys, which have an alien and a Tamagotchi attached to it.”

Hardware: MIDI keyboard. Headphones. MacBook. USB. Spare USBs.


Source: The Verge | Photo: aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac