deadmau5 just added another cat into the mix — meet Copycat!

The name is clever for sure, but this Bengal looks to be nothing but one-of-a-kind with its beautifully marked silver coat and deep, dark eyes. Copycat is the newest addition to the Zimmerman household, as deadmau5 and his wife, Kelly aka “Grill,” welcome in this precious furbaby.

“aaaaaaand we have a new addition to the damn family…” the producer shares in a post. “say hi to Copycat.”

As for Meowingtons and “The Other Cat,” we’ll have to wait and see how they adapt to the new family member. It wasn’t too long ago, they had to say a painful goodbye to little Noob.

Check out the photos right here and keep an eye on @deadmau5 socials for more updates.

Meet Copycat

aaaaaaand we have a new addition to the damn family… say hi to Copycat.

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