Snails just unleashed an absolutely insane remix pack featuring Kill the NoiseSvdden Death, Space JesusVirtual Riot, FuntCase and more. Naturally, it’s bass heavy by design and right away, takes on the role of any rail rider’s favorite soundtrack.

This is not for the lighthearted. Just one look at the album art and it’s easy to see you’re about to be destroyed.

The Shell album originally released on October 20, 2017. Nearly a year later, it’s awesome to hear how these producers tackle the release. We’re particularly impressed by FuntCase’s take on “Forever.” Also, lookout for “Only Want U,” remixed by Kill the Noise. And please, brace yourselves before hitting play on the “King Is Back” remix from Mastadon.

With the launch of Slugz Music, Snails has a home for his music and others, who are encouraged to be as outrageous as they want to be. “I want to release music that really inspires me and is just as weird as me,” Snails quips.

Listen to The Shell (Remixes) right here!

Snails – The Shell (Remixes)