TRL is back on, or at least some really awkward, wannabe version of it is. But we’re not here to talk about the poorly dressed set or severe lack of a live studio audience presence — the fact that there’s not one teenager screaming their heads off for their favorite artist. We’re here for Dillon Francis.

The producer recently met up with Sway — which, by the way, is still crushing the host game — to talk about his forthcoming Spanish release Wut Wut and “translate” some of the album’s lyrics. Naturally, being that Dillon Francis was involved, the result is pretty hilarious.

This is what it sounds like when translation goes horribly wrong: whipped cream, nipples, strawberries, ice cream, and kisses. Dillon describes a rapper going in on “White Boi” saying, “I wanna meet your mom, I wanna meet your dad.” Let’s just say translating isn’t his forte.

Watch below and look out for Wut Wut next Friday!

Dillon Francis – Lost In Translation on TRL

Dillon Francis Translates Music Lyrics From Spanish

Dillon Francis is a language master

Posted by TRL on Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Photo via Jas Davis