Snails just proposed the DJ game of the century — and we think this needs to happen.

The concept is simple: every DJ down to play the game preps a flash drive. Which, is common practice. Where it gets interesting through is that all the DJs must put their USB in a bucket. Each performer then chooses a random USB from said bucket. Then, everyone must play an entire set with the random USB they picked.

Further rules of the proposed game address USB content. Most importantly, there must be at least an hour of playable content on all of the thumb drives. We have a feeling more needs to be hashed out before game play, and some others are already chiming in.

DJs including Laidback Luke, Sullivan King, Cray, Felix Cartel, and more have expressed interested in throwing down. This should get really, really interesting.

Thanks to Snails, USB Roulette is now a thing and we won’t be satisfied until the game is played.


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