Odesza started up their project in the most unexpected place, as one Redditor just figured out…

Just recently, Odesza made a trip back to Bellingham, Washington, the place where Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight made the magic that would become their debut LP, Summer’s Gone. Reminiscing on the summer of 2012, the duo shared a photo of the modest little home where they worked on their album.

The photo is worth more than a thousand words, but is simply captioned: “Made a quick day trip to Bellingham yesterday and stopped by the house it all started in. We made our entire first album here together back in the summer of 2012.”

Coincidentally, the person living currently living in that home just so happens to be an Odesza fan.

“Odesza started out in my house!” u/yarbed shares on Reddit. “They stopped by today and I didn’t even know it.” For those doubting, u/yarbed did follow up with proof.

Hopefully next time they’re in the neighborhood they’ll pop in to say, “Hello!”

The House It All Started In…

Odesza started out in my house! They stopped by today and I didn’t even know it 😭 from EDM


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Life Is Beautiful