One of the most iconic voices of our time is looking to tap into the future bass market. Of course, we’re talking about T-Pain.

In a recent tweet, the hip hop star calls on the electronic music community, “Man. I need some future bass on this new album. Who do I need to holler at?” Naturally, nearly every future bass producer under the sun — even those who just dabble — are hollering back at T-Pain for a potential collab.

While some are raising their hands, other Twitter users are nominating the producers they feel would be a best fit for a track (or possibly more) with T-Pain – personally, we nominate Lido. Shaun Frank, TroyBoi, Moksi, Quix, SMLE and more are all thrown into the mix.

“Let me Buy U a drank and we can talk about it,” Whethan says for the win.

T-Pain is known for his distinct autotune sound, although he sounds great without it. He’s surely a talent that can take his production any which way and adapt accordingly — next stop, future bass. We can’t wait to hear where this goes.

T-Pain Needs A Future Bass Producer


Photo via RCA