One man was going so hard at a Snails show over the weekend that he actually lost his finger. Well, a good chunk of it.

The DJ/producer reached out on Twitter last night after he found out about the severe mishap. He wrote: “OMG… i heard the saddest new that one of my fellow headbanger apparently lost a finger at my show yesterday… it got stuck between 2 rail apparently.. im trying to find back that person if anybody hear anything. Please be safe guys.”

It wasn’t too long before came forward as the guy with the injury. He also declared he prefers to be called NVBBS, for obvious reasons. At least he kept good spirits about the whole ordeal.

The internet answered back, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

We’ve all heard horror stories like this before, but it always turns out to be a rumor. However, this actually happened and the proof is below.

Should this guy get guest listed for life or what?

WARNING: The image below contains graphic content.


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