As far as legendary songs in dance music go, “Sad Machine” by Porter Robinson is pretty high up there. Lots of artists have tried their hand at remixing it, some good, some bad. KLOUD has just put out a new remix of the song, but really, every sound in the track is created from scratch making it even more impressive.

It’s hard to put my finger on just what it is about the track, but it really does feel like a true remix, whatever that means. Perhaps it’s the fact that it actually was made from scratch that it has a sort of sincerity to it – it’s not as if KLOUD is taking someone else’s work and modifying it like in what happens with a remix usually. Rather, by doing it all from scratch, it sounds like a whole new track.

Whatever impression you take away from the remix, whether it’s as nebulous a description as the one I just tried to provide, or simply a warm feeling rushing over you, KLOUD has definitely done the original justice.

Check out KLOUD’s “Sad Machine” remix below!