Zedd just topped off his massive year in the most creative and playful way possible. An art installation by Dante Dentoni composed almost entirely of LEGOs makes the perfect addition to the producer’s home — just look.

“Soooo in love with this amazing new art installation at my house by @dantedentoniart!!!!” Zedd shares in a recent post. “He replaced a wall of mine with LEGOs and built in a bunch of hidden rooms, including Omnia, an overwatch room (hanamura pt. 2), an alien abduction and more…”

There’s even a mini version of Zedd’s house hidden inside this LEGO masterpiece.

The photos and footage have been making rounds on the internet for obvious reasons — the work is simply amazing and brings out the kid in everyone. Now, whenever Zedd goes to adjust his thermostat he’ll be subject to a world of imagination.

Seriously, how much fun is this?

Zedd’s LEGO Art Installation


Photo via Rukes.com