An attendee of Bassnectar‘s NYE show in Greensboro, NC passed away of a suspected overdose — and now police are raising public safety concerns.

According to a report, the NYE 360 show at the Greensboro Coliseum resulted in a number overdoses, including one that was fatal. Tam Phan (43) was found dead at the Comfort Suites on Isler Road in Greensboro following the concert.

Police were apparently warned that drugs have been tied to Bassnectar events in the past. The force in Greensboro reportedly received a tip off that NYE “could be the worst night of their careers.”

Safety measures, including medical assistance by Paradocs, were put in place prior to the show. Triage rooms were set up to treat overdose patients.

Though 911 records show a handful of calls throughout the night, most cases were handled by staff on-site.

Coliseum staff members noted this was the third-largest concert ever held at the venue, with 22,000 people in attendance.

Bassnectar did not respond immediately to WXII 12‘s request for comment.

Bassnectar NYE 360


Sources: WXII 12 | Photo via aLive Coverage