In 2019, we express ourselves through emojis. However, there’s currently a void for dance music lovers that only a disco ball can possibly fill.

A new petition started up by Glitterbox calls on the house and disco community to champion the “vital” addition of a disco ball to the emoji keyboard. “The centrepiece of any great party, this is one of the most-loved objects for all dancefloor lovers.”

The disco ball has potential to brighten someone’s day, kick-start the weekend, or even signal a function from your favorite DJ. As the campaign points out, “There is a party popper, a confetti ball and a balloon emoji, but no disco ball.”

Emojipedia has already revealed the 230 new emojis coming in 2019. Maybe we can make that 231.

So far 1,517 have signed, with a goal of 2,500. Sign the petition here.


H/T: Mixmag