Deadmau5’s 4×4=12 was, still is, a phenomenal album. It showed an evolution in his sound as well as being the album alongside which his legendary cube was debuted at Coachella in 2010. Among the album tracks, “Raise Your Weapon” remains one of the most lauded, not least of all because it was co-written by Skrillex.

Now in 2019, the track gets reimagined by a new breed of helmeted producer, KLOUD. KLOUD’s interpretation is also a slow burner, but the wick is a lot shorter, and instead of a wax candle, it’s a stick of dynamite. The drop is far more bombastic than its original cousin, employing harsh electro synths and pounding drums, rather than understated bass and simple drums.

The vocal in KLOUD’s version gets more of a filter throughout the drop, but the effect hardly makes a dent where the intent of the original is concerned. Check out “Raise Your Weapon” from KLOUD below.