Bassnectar just unleashed a new collaboration with Peekaboo at Deja Voom — and it’s a real slapper!

The producers previously teamed up on Bassnectar’s Reflective Part 2 EP for “Disrupt the System,” which proved to be an insane, bass heavy pairing. This one is even more relentless. Bass heavy would be putting it lightly — it’s more of a rail breaker.

If the video below is any indicator, this collaborative combo will keep creating together as long as fans will listen. Here, it’s easy to hear the crowd going crazy for this new ID. After the first drop is well received, he goes in for the second drop.

Bassnectar’s getaway music festival Deja Voom wrapped up last night. Next up, his curated 3-day event known as End Of The Rainbow will take place in May. Not before he hits up both weekends of Coachella.

Peekaboo x Bassnectar

New Peekaboo X Bassnectar from bassnectar


Photo via aLIVE Coverage