Finally, the ongoing animal cruelty at the Barcelo Maya in Mexico where Bassnectar‘s Deja Voom recently took place is being addressed. Your EDM’s original exposé on the resort revealed dolphins being held in captivity — and sadly, one of the dolphins died just days after the music festival.

Attempts to reach out to Bassnectar and Odesza, who also plan to throw a music festival of their own at the same resort, have proven unsuccessful. However, a response directly from the Bassnectar Network might be the closest thing we get to an official statement.

In the Twitter thread below, a concerned fan addresses the situation:

RT if you would like to see the dolphinari shut down during deja next year! We need to protest this. If we’re for supporting the environment & end of animal cruelty we should not be allowing this on festival grounds. Grateful Dead did it we can too.

Bass Network directly responds:

shutting it down for a few days does not solve the problem, it puts a bandaid on it… we know about the dolphins… and we’re NOT ok with it! and we will not be returning our event to the resort unless something is done about the remaining ones in captivity

At the time of this writing, we have reached out again to Bassnectar’s team for additional comment and have not heard back. At this point, this is as official as it gets.

Bassnectar Network Responds