Producer/DJ JVNA has experienced a quick rise in 2019 thanks to her wild productions and effervescent on-stage personality. Unfortunately, a video now going viral on Reddit threatens that rise. It shows her and Twitch streamer iGumdrop walking quickly past a black man on the phone as he utters the n-word, not at them. As they get further away, far out of earshot or reach of the man, JVNA grabs her purse close to her chest, camera still on herself, and says, “Hold your purse! Hold your purse!” while smiling and laughing.

Twitter and Reddit were quick to accuse JVNA of racism, based on the actions in the video, and many have called for a suspension or termination of both their Twitch accounts.

In a statement exclusively provided to Your EDM, JVNA explains:

Hey everyone –

I just wanted to take a moment to apologize and explain my perspective about the entire situation. Firstly, I am very sorry if I offended or disappointed anyone by my actions. As I was irl streaming with [iGumdrop] I heard yelling, which I thought was directed at us, making me very nervous. Because I couldn’t see what was going on behind me, my first instinct was to run. I made the split second decision to run and hold my purse, and made an inexcusable comment about holding onto my purse in the process. I never saw who was behind me, but it doesn’t excuse my actions.

I’m deeply sorry again to anyone I offended or disappointed, it was never my intention. I love you all and you all mean the world to me. Thank you for listening.

Sure enough, by the time the man says anything in the video, JVNA and iGumdrop had already passed him and, as she says in her statement, never saw who it was. Was it appropriate that her first instinct was to run, based on the context in the video? And then to make a comment about holding her purse? Absolutely not. Do we know exactly what was going on in her mind at the time, either? Definitely not.

Admittedly, this clip that paints them in a racist tone lacks context both before and after the offending statement. Was there some other individual that caused them alarm before, or did they recognize the toxicity of their behavior afterward?

JVNA’s management tells Your EDM that a statement from both her, and another from iGumdrop, will be uploaded to Twitch soon.