DJs might seem larger than life on stage, but it’s important to remember they’re human beings just like the rest of us. Like you, and me, and all of us — they’re just as prone to make mistakes. In a new post, Benzi leads the way as DJs reveal their most embarrassing moments on stage.

Even the greats like Alison Wonderland, Slushii and Ekali have experienced the worst, mortifying moments that DJs can face. However, in the end it’s all about how they pushed through, bounced back, and shook off their worst embarrassments.

From speeding up to 320 BPM, to having a song cut out mid-track, and even throwing up during a performance — these DJs have been through it. And, lived to tell the story.

We totally feel for all of these DJ/producers, as they share their on-stage horror stories. In the moment, these things probably felt like the end of the world. Now, they’re all able to laugh it off together.

Whether you DJ as a hobby or professionally or simply live to enjoy the music — keep in mind nobody is invincible. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you have an embarrassing moment you’d like to share, feel free.

Read some of Benzi’s thread below.

Benzi: Embarassing DJ Stories Thread

Alison Wonderland


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My Bad