Brace yourselves, bass heads — Bassnectar is gearing up for another edition of Deja Voom.

Come tomorrow, he’ll hit us with new dates and a new location for 2020. Like any other first year festival, Deja Voom experienced some ups and downs, but this time around Bassnectar promises a “truly immersive takeover” for his loyal following.

For the 2020 installment, ticket holders will take over an entire resort all to themselves. Although Nectar hasn’t given details on the exact location just yet, he has secured a “completely new resort” for the destination festival. Tomorrow we’ll know more.

The first Deja Voom was met with some controversy when a dolphin died at the Barcelo Resort just days after the festival. Your EDM had previously published an exposé on the captive mammals. Soon after, Bassnectar Network made it clear such activity would not be condoned for future events.

Stay tuned for more details on Deja Voom 2020.

Deja Voom 2020 Announcement Tomorrow


Photo via aLIVE Coverage