Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must know of the most discussed album to soon be released, AN21 and Max Vangeli’s People of The Night. While quite a few of the tracks have been released as singles in the past few weeks, there still remain a quite large number that are sadly only previews until the official release of the full length album. So to make the wait a slight more bearable the two artists have decided to give out a 15 minute preview of People of The Night which includes a few tracks that have yet to be released such as their Bombs Over Capitals. So without further ado here is the preview and the tracklist.


AN21 & Max Vangeli Vs Tiësto feat Lover Lover ‘People Of The Night’
AN21 & Max Vangeli feat Infadels ‘Glow’
AN21 & Max Vangeli Vs Michael Woods ‘Nightfall’
AN21 & Max Vangeli feat Rudy ‘This Far’
AN21 & Max Vangeli Vs Julie McKnight ‘Bombs Over Capitals’

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Source: Soundcloud