The first time I heard “Killin’ It” by Krewella was when it came out on Monstercat as a free download back in January of 2012 and I was completely blown away; something about the way the passionate female vocals and grimy basslines came together to create something so emotionally raw and powerful just had me hooked and craving more. Now they’ve have joined forces again to release Krewella‘s highly anticipated collaboration with Pegboard Nerds for free for the final installment of Get Wet Wednesday before the album drops September 24th! The track seamlessly blends Jahan and Yasmine’s vocals with snarling basslines into incredibly devastating dubstep tune that is destined to destroy dance floors nationwide. A leak of “This Is Not The End” has been going around for a while but the final studio version puts the leak to shame; while it’s mostly the same track, all the tweaking, polishing, and mastering has gone a long ways towards making this epic collaboration live up to its full potential. It’s so awesome to see my favorite label and artist working together again and I’m really hoping they continue building this relationship in the future because it really is something special. What do you guys think about this collaboration between two of the biggest artists in the Monstercat family?

P.S. Monstercat’s YouTube channel is just over 10k subscribers away from reaching the 1 million mark so make sure you subscribe HERE as a way of saying thanks for this awesome free download!

P.P.S. The Story of Krewella and Monstercat