The Firepower Records crew always brings the heat; and today they brought it with Getter‘s latest EP entitled Thriller. The 6 tracks that make up this phenomenal project are divided into originals, collaborations and one remix. Datsik, The Frim and Barely Alive are the acts that found themselves on a release that will rock the holiday season.

The title track kicks things off with a bang. Getter walks the line between energy and subtlety; the dichotomy of the downtempo feel and the aggressive sounds create an inescapable groove that will get all the bass-heads off their feet. The second drop loses the downtempo vibe and some hard drum n’ bass action gets into the mix. Such a simple way to add value to an already valuable thing.

The Frim joins Getter in “Swag Walk” which will make you feel like the classiest cat ever from the get go. Until the bass drops and then you will shed the cool cape to lose yourself in the low frequencies. The contrast between the more instrumental intro and bridge sections with the chorus is not something easy to pull off but these two producers are at the top of their given professions. Both Getter and The Frim shine through in this production that will have you devising your own swag walk.

“Haggard” is third in line. This OG banger is similar to the sound that got many people into dubstep all those years ago. The dark intro instantly grabs your attention and from there you are whirled into a world of grit and madness. Getter manipulates the rhythms perfectly to create a web of growls that warrant only the reaction of “Holy $#!&.” Such a huge track; one of my favorites from the EP!

“The Best” may just be the best. Slosh collaborates with Getter on a 100 bpm neuro/glitch-hop piece that develops into a some heavy dubstep. BPM changes are becoming more common to spice things up and these guys pull it off well. I had to listen a few times before I actually realized what happened. For as good of a track this is, all it does it make me want more midtempo from these guys!

Datsik makes his appearance on the collaboration for “Hollow Point.” The dubstep/drumstep mix will destroy your sound system, which could happen figuratively as well as literally if you are not careful. I know you will want to blast this on high and feel the rumble of the sub bass. Growls and wobbles are sewn together to weave up a hell of a 140 tune.

Barely Alive handled the sole remix on the EP with his rendition of the previous track, “Hollow Point.” I’m going to have to say I like this more than the original, but feel free to disagree because both are killer. Personally, I like the more energetic vibe that Barely Alive instills into it and he takes the complex composition to the next level. Barely Alive hold their own on a release that isn’t even personally theirs. The remix caps off the Thriller EP tremendously well and I’m sure Getter wouldn’t have it any other way.

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