The all encompassing festival scheduling app EDMX has teamed up with high fidelity ear plug manufacturer EarPeace to give out ten free pairs of ear plugs for this year’s festival season. The app, which you can read more about here, will be a handy partner for many festival attendees this summer and no all day dancing experience is complete without a good pair of ear plugs. It should go without saying, but bears repeating, nothing will kill your love for music faster than not being able to properly hear it and the large sound systems of main stages pose a serious threat to your auditory ability.

EarPeace earplugs provide a sleek and comfortable way to protect your hearing without sacrificing sound quality. To get your hands on a pair of the plugs you can visit their website here, or download the free EDMX festival app and create an account, which will automatically enter you into the giveaway.

Download EDMX for free through the iTunes store here, and although we can’t promise that your body won’t take a beating after a long weekend of dancing, we can help ensure, with the help of EarPeace, that your ear drums won’t come home all black and blue.

Giveaway Ends July 5th

Source: Official Press Release