With over nine years of production experience and over 90 productions made within the span of two years, it’s no wonder that the legendary talents of Will Atkinson have propelled his excellence towards one of the greatest Uplifting Trance artists of our time. He has received over 80 Radio 1 plays with his works and has been supported by all of the major industry players in the scene, as well as lead the underground movement with his unique, forward thinking DJ sets. His awe-inspiring melodies and jaw dropping chord progressions are miles ahead of the competition and his blisteringly experimental compositions underneath his Darkboy alias also showcases his passion of seeking different genres such as Psy Trance, Techno and Breaks. Recently, Will has been kind enough to start releasing some of the many unreleased singles that he has created over the past year and after the success of his huge, double single Isolator/Unknown Lifeform EP on the mighty Subculture label, his newest Darkboy production of Atkinsane has been storming the club scene around the world, especially with the BXR influenced Mark Sherry remix. Now, he has unveiled his debut single on the momentous FSOE label of Aly & Fila entitled¬†Eternally, and states that, “I feel delighted to be a part of the FSOE family“. This track has a particularly special meaning to him, because as he dropped this track during his set at the illustrious Luminosity Festival in The Netherlands two weeks ago, he never felt a rush quite like those thousands of people dancing to the sunset drenched beats of Uplifting glory.



Hearing this track gives a sense of clean, clear cut precision towards each instrumental texture, and chiefly follows alongside the ideologies of esteemed technicians such as Giuseppe Ottaviani and Liam Wilson. Indeed, the closest that we can pin this style on is the style of Greg Downey and Lostly, whose paired down production arrangements and simplistic, yet emotional melodies perfectly fit the balance between computerized perfection and humanizing self worth. Set at a cool 137BBPM, its computerized synth webs, Techno induced percussion and falling minor ostinatos perfectly set up the stage for the eye catching breakdown to come. In the breakdown, flowing synth colors and swirling timbre pads usher in a sweeping string section that’s heavily seeped in various technical effects and techniques, which are all lead by the march-like octave blips that keeps it organized and tight. While the entire breakdown sounds completely computerized, we start to hear a semblance of human input, as subtle instrumental chords and female human vocals provide much needed clarity and contrast within the phrase. Finally, the constantly changing landscapes expose their vulnerabilities and fully envelop us into a creation that is in between both music and poetry itself, as the wondrous melodies wash over our souls like the wind in the sky and the tingling sensation of raw emotions running wild trickle over the skin in pure, energizing delight.

Will Atkinson‘s newest single, Eternally, is out now on FSOE via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/eternally-original-mix/5471309