Offset Noize & Stravy have been on a roll recently, after emerging from relative obscurity. This latest remix is of a track from Jeen O’Brien, who was also featured on their last remix of ‘2AM’ by Alekz Johnson.

The track is has an interesting vibe to it, and I’m not really sure what setting it would feel at home in. There’s no doubt as to whether it’s a good track or not, but there tends to be a methodology behind producing tracks, whether it’s in consideration of the audience/setting or just an expression of feelings. This seems to be the latter, though I wouldn’t decry this being played very late in the night or at the close of a set. It has a slightly future bass vibe to it, but in a way it stands on its own.

Offset Noize & Stravy seem to have caught onto the fact that Facebook will soon be banning ‘Like To Download’ type services, so they’ve graciously put this out on Zippyshare for you all. Download HERE and listen below.