History tells us that anything that intertwines the souls of Daft Punk and Pharrell comes out silky smooth like freshly churned butter and after a “surprise” performance of the Robots was teased at last week, which turned out to be a hoax, fans have been looking for any opportunity to catch a glance at the enigmatic artists. It looks like the Daft Punk community are going to have their patience tested once again, as the french duo dodged an appearance in Pharrell‘s music video for “Gust of Wind,” where they are credited as featured artists.

The video displays Pharrell sporting a new Ranger Rick style hat while bouncing around an evergreen forrest as select arboreous species make the transition from summer vitality into autumn hibernation. He is surrounded by acrobatic pixies and fossilized robot helmets that prance around the video like supervising space ships. As the video concludes, an outline of Daft Punk is painted amongst the stars and leaves the viewer feeling that they have come so close to the dance music pioneers yet they return home to a foreign galaxy, while we remain here on Earth. Check out the video below and grab the track off iTunes here.