In the making of an album, there are often a lot of tracks that don’t make the cut. Most of these ideas never actually make it to fruition, thrown to the side long before any semblance of sound design or mastering has been completed.

Kaskade just shared a finished track on his Soundcloud and Facebook entitled “Call My Name” that apparently didn’t make the cut on his just-announced album Automatic.

And I can only speak for myself on this point, but this track makes me way more excited for the album than either “Disarm You” or “Never Sleep Alone.” And if “Call My Name” didn’t make it on to the album, then just wow… I’m really excited now. I also hope we get to hear more of this uncredited vocalist on the album. Kaskade writes:

While [“Call My Name”] didn’t make it onto the final cut, it’s a good way to lift the curtain and preview some sounds and ideas being experimented with at the time. Enjoy!

Download for free here.


H/T Dancing Astronaut