OWSLA houses a myriad of different producers, and the label gracefully juggles all of its artists to give each one some time in the spotlight. Durante, OWSLA’s previous production manager, became a full-time producer to hone his craft, and his releases through the label thus far reflect an artist intent on highlighting the nu-disco sound.

Durante’s latest remix finds the producer injecting some nu-disco flavor in the rising Seattle band Beat Connection. “So Good” accurately describes the remix’s quality, and it just so happens to be the title of the original track. Durante washes the band’s vocals with a hazy aesthetic, which makes the lead drop and breakdown all the more satisfying once they come into play. The band’s vocals drift in and out amid warm synths, giving the track a dreamlike quality. Dreamy yet befit for the dance floor, this remix scores a thumbs-up from us.

Listen to Durante’s “So Good” remix below, and download it through iTunes here: