Festival season is finally starting to end and the time has come for the club nights to take over the scene once again. As we gear up for fall, Space Yacht has ensured that good music isn’t going anywhere by stacking your Tuesday night with first class acts.

In partnership with the Pinnacle Group, Space Yacht will be bringing artists such as Candyland, Vaun Garth, Nukid and more.

If you are in the area, doors open at 9:00pm and attendance is a must. However, if you are not in the area and still want to experience the event, Your EDM will be live streaming the event starting at 10:00pm:

RSVP To Space Yacht This Tuesday: HERE

Watch The Livestream Starting At 10:00pm This Tuesday: HERE

To get ready for this week’s Space Yacht, you can check out the Soundcloud teaser playlist below: