This year, the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Concert will be hosted in part by one of its first ever dance music acts. Native Norwegian DJ Kygo will take the stage alongside Aurora, A-ha and several other international artists to honor the prize-holders and their achievements.

On December 10th in Oslo, Kygo will also serenade the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet – this year’s laureate, for their work in fostering democracy in their homeland – at the the conclusion of the Torch Parade with an acoustic version of his track, “Firestone.” It will be the first serenade ever conducted by the Concert, and might become a new tradition.

Olav Njølstad, director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, expressed his support of the performance.

“Kygo is a Norwegian world sensation that we are looking forward to seeing at Telenor Arena in December. Considering the hit catalogue he already has produced, I’m happy that the Nobel Peace Prize Concerts new format allows each artist time for additional songs. Kygo is an inspiring artist. We know he is going to give the audience a magical experience”

The concert will be live streamed in its entirety on Youtube, says Njølstad, which he hopes will be received and enjoyed by a global audience.

“I am proud to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. And even more so when I see the other artists confirmed for the concert.” – Kygo