When I first heard this track from a front-row seat at a local Jai Wolf and ODESZA tour stop, I was simply blown away. To hear it again now as a single more or less brings everything full circle as Jai Wolf takes Tinashe’s succelent vocals and elevates the track to a whole new level that demands to be heard.

The track starts off slowly with the regular Tinashe build-up, but by the time we’ve hit the chorus the track is completely transformed. Dreamy synths infused with the singer’s 90s R&B vocals are married with a traditional twist of future bass inspiration to make this track a total earworm. Prepare to smash that play button over and over again from simmering intro all the way to mellow, atmospheric outro, and be sure to look out for more amazing music from this artist in 2016.

Jai Wolf

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