Okay, so it’s no secret that OWSLA Radio is just as much about fun and laughs as it is about music.

For the show’s sixth installment, Skrillex revealed a hidden penchant for freestyle rapping, and he wasn’t shy about it either. The half-shaven homie threw down for a solid couple minutes along with G-Buck and JerSey GanG. The freestyle was offered up over Louis The Child’s “From Here,” and Skrilly even goes into an unexpected ‘riddim’ style rap at the end.

Sure, the ability to spontaneously string bars together isn’t exactly a rarity, but not everyone can do it either. And while rhyming is already difficult, keeping the hype and making sense of it all is even tougher, let alone with a faux Jamaican accent to heighten the swag.

Say what you will, but we’ve got nothing but love for this guy. Check it out below.