Technology really is incredible, isn’t it? With just a few keystrokes, we can easily discover new music from people we’ve never even met; artists all around the world, once confined to their local environments until generating enough acclaim to move outwards, can now reach an international audience and gain a rock-solid following from their bedroom studio. Such is the case with Jessica Audiffred, Mexico City’s fast-rising queen of trap & bass music.

Although she’s only popping up on our radar now, her uncontainable drive and energetic approach to music production has been drawing the attention of some of the scene’s finest for several months now. Nest HQ and even Skrillex himself have shown support for her tunes in the weekly OWSLA playlists, generating quite a bit of hype for the young music maker. And with the creation of her own imprint, A-Records, she’s displayed an uncanny ability to channel that hype into physical form. Case in point: the label’s third release, a vibrant, future bass anthem from Audiffred herself. Entitled ‘No Invitations’, the tune booms and bounces with undeniable dynamics; perfectly pitched 808s link up with distinctly foreign synth design and stuttering vocal stabs to create an almost exotic atmosphere, with an unedited, gritty vocal sample to tie everything together thematically.

We can almost guarantee you’ll be hearing this one at any number of festival main stages this season, so get familiar now and keep the Shazam app in your pocket when you’re out raging. The full stream of ‘No Invitation’ can be found below the jump; make sure to grab a copy for yourself if you’re feeling the vibes!


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