One of my favorite things about dance music is discovering new names. Even for those artists who have been around for years, my first exposure to them feels like the beginning of something new – whether that’s going through their extensive back catalogue or just looking forward to the next year.

Though they have a few releases under his belt, this is my first introduction to the duo Joyzu. I’m not usually too keen on releases from Armada (just not my type of music), but I decided to listen to “Running” and I’m damn glad I did.

What immediately drew me to this track, and I imagine it will be the same for many listeners, are the crooning vocals in the rise and drop. Playing subtly on the border between rap and soul, when “I wanna rock ya” comes in before that resonating drop, you’re going to lose your shit.

Check out “Running” below, and find it on all streaming platforms here.