There are many ways for artists to create hype around themselves – one way is not-so-subtly starting a rumor that you might be disbanding. Boombox Cartel sent a portion of the EDM world into a tizzy last night when they blacked out their profile picture and cover photo on Facebook, and captioned it, “until next time.”

The vague and nebulous farewell with no other information available led people to a logical conclusion: Jorge & Americo were breaking up the band, so to speak. However, with tour dates still booked through to May, including Insomniac’s inaugural Middlelands festival, we see it unlikely for this to be the case.

It’s more likely that they’re creating hype for a new track or something similar, but it still feels quite gimmicky and dishonest to lead fans on that way. Yet, some artists and even a photographer they worked with in the past seemed to bid them a farewell and good luck in the comments.

Whatever the reasoning behind the change, we’ll be sure to discover it soon enough.


Featured image via Boombox Cartel