It’s official, Stonebank is an unstoppable machine when it comes to producing music. In the last year, he’s released everything from happy hardcore to trap to uplifting trance to drumstep, and it doesn’t even end there. Stonebank’s overall quality as a producer is unmatched, it’s no wonder Monstercat has kept him around for so long.

That being said, “Droppin’ Low” is easily Stonebank’s most ratchet song to date, without a doubt. Though Stonebank has released music in a similar vein before (i.e. the Monument EP), “Droppin’ Low” takes bass house to another level entirely.

The track incorporates elements of trap and g-house seamlessly into an epic three-minute electro smasher that will without a doubt accomplish its goal of making clubgoers get loose and drop what they’ve got. Don’t miss out on this instant classic from the mind of a true master!

Listen to “Droppin’ Low” and buy the track below:

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