There’s clearly something in the water in the Netherlands, as another Amsterdam-based artist has just caught our attention with his new single. Multitalented singer, songwriter and producer Cimo Fränkel has just dropped his new single “Never Give Up,” blending minimalist production with his own effortless vocals.

The combination of sounds in the track no doubt give off a Bieber-esque vibe, but whereas Bieber vocals are often smoothed out in post-production, Cimo’s voice is gloriously natural.

Speaking of the track Cimo says: “‘Little sounds’ is what I wanted for this release. I wanted it to be an acoustic guitar based song… without the acoustic. For some stupid reason after I finished all the original recordings of ‘Never Give Up’, my computer crashed and I had to rebuild most of the song including the vocal takes. I’m happy it happened because I prefer this version over the original demo.”

If there’s one word I would use to describe “Never Give Up,” it would absolutely be “delightful.” Listen to it below.