Beyond all the festivals, beyond all the #1 records, it’s somehow your first PS4 game that really leaves a mark on you… at least that’s according to Avicii, who just released a new game in collaboration with Hello There called “Invector.”

While many have brought up similarities to another rhythm game, “Audiosurf,” PS4’s new release “Invector” differentiates itself with unique gameplay and a completely original soundtrack from Avicii. It’s a whole new musical world in which you can fly solo or party with friends, up to 4 players. Either way, Avicii will be there.

“This feeling is anything but real!” Avicii shared on Twitter. “Besides this game being really awesome, I’m really glad that people get to experience my music in this way.”

“Invector” promises to be a must play for “hardcore rhythm game fanatics,” but also enjoyable for music lovers who are only casually interested in gaming. Players embark on missions involving¬†the melodies, beats, and vocals on each track — becoming masters of Avicii’s productions in a new way.

Learn more about “Invector” and get it for PS4¬†here!


This feeling is anything but real! I actually have my own PS4 game in collaboration with Hello There called "Invector"…

Posted by Avicii on Friday, December 8, 2017