Instagram has copy catted Snapchat in almost every way, shape and form… But finally, IG is one-upping the OG with a really cool privacy control.

This new feature goes down in the DM. Now, when you send photos or videos via the Instagram Direct camera, you have the power to decide how many times those on the receiving end can watch the snap before it goes away forever.

“View once,” “allow replay,” and “keep in chat” are all options for sending photos and video messages via Instagram Direct. It’s nice that the senders are put in control, unlike the current situation with Snapchat DMs — in which receivers have the ability to save photos and videos for as long as they please.

For sensitive (or scandalous) photos — keep yourself safe with the “view once” opinion. That way, there’s no chance for someone to figure out a way to record. If you want someone to keep looking, choose “allow replay” or “keep it in chat.”

A spokesperson for Instagram explains to TechCrunch: “All these updates are designed to give people more control of what they share with friends in Direct.” Ken Schillinger first tweeted about the change.

We’re all about this new feature!


Source: TechCrunch