There’s a video going around on the internet that claims to show a random dude putting a “roofie” in a girl’s drink as she takes a selfie with her friend. Whether or not the video is real or fake has been the #1 topic of discussion since it went viral. But any way you look at it, this is totally messed up.

  1. If this guy is actually dropping something in this girl’s drink, this video is f*cked for obvious reasons. If that’s the case this video should be in the hands of police, not popping up all over as an internet meme.
  2. The name of the viral video is just as big of an issue: Vapid Selfie Taking Nimrods Accidentally Film Getting Their Drink Roofied. So being drugged in this manner makes these women “nimrods.” No blame is put on the male in this title. Also, f*cked up.
  3. Some are saying they heard the video is fake and this dude actually knows the girls he’s joking around with. THERE IS NOTHING COOL OR FUNNY ABOUT RAPE. Is that so hard to understand?

Never leave your drink unattended anywhere. Don’t let your guard down while taking a video or selfie. You’re an easy target if you’re not paying attention. Although, that scenario doesn’t make you a nimrod — it makes you a human being. This could happen to anyone.

Whether this video is fake or not, this is a very real issue regardless.

Girl Taking Selfie Gets “Roofied”