“One Kiss,” the star Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa collaboration, has been firing up the charts. In case that wasn’t enough, Jauz has remixed the track and given it a deep, bass house sheen.

The original “One Kiss” production calls back to Calvin Harris’ deeper work on tracks like “How Deep Is Your Love.” However, Jauz’s remix gives “One Kiss” a main stage-ready makeover and all the wubs you could ever want. Jauz adds his patented deep bass synths to the remix, while also accentuating the hi-hats and other percussive elements. The remix hearkens back to Jauz’s older tracks like “Feel The Volume”; it’s a welcome return to form for a producer who’s dabbled between bass house and dubstep.

For an official remix of a Calvin Harris track, Jauz steps up to the plate and hits a solid homerun. Listen to Jauz’s remix of “One Kiss” below:


Cover Photo: Rukes