Modern renaissance man Mod Sun is out with a new song “BURNING UP” on Bella Thorne’s Filthy Fangs imprint, bridging hip hop and dance music for an unexpected lyrical journey.

At first listen, the song sounds like a terribly emotional love song or something of the sort, but listening more closely, the lyrics reveal another story: “no one makes good music to do drugs to no more.”

“This song came out of me like vomit. I’m not at all glorifying the idea of making songs fast….the process is important. BUT, I am extremely adamant about letting the song take me places instead of forcing it to go somewhere with me. “Burning Up” is a perfect example of just that. The vocals + lyrics came out at the same time + Within 10 minutes the entirety of that song was created + ended. I love that feeling. Music is magic + u can’t tame magic.” – Mod Sun

Check out “BURNING UP” below, and catch Mod Sun on tour now through the end of October. Tickets HERE.