DJ Moodymann says he was outside of his own property when he had an aggressive run in with Detroit police. The violent video below, which is making its rounds online, shows officers screaming at him while pointing an assault rifle straight at his face.

Moodymann, real name Kenny Dixon Jr., claims he went to jail despite being on his own property with his own set of keys. It’s unclear what went on before or after the video clip was taken, but any way you look at this, it’s seriously disturbing.

In his since removed post, Moodymann explains what happened from his perspective…

“HP police came n (MY BACKYARD)demanding proof of ownership and this is how they reacted,” he wrote. “(Went 2 jail again)charged me 4 Breaking and entering on my own property even though I had keys.what u can’t c is 9 other officers pointing there AR15 directly at my head …next time just pull the MF trigger let’s get this shit over with (I’m tired) I’m so tired.”

The Black Madonna, among others have spoken out about the incident since seeing the footage…

The video has been reposted below, but fair warning — it’s not easy to watch.

DJ Moodymann Held At Gunpoint