Jeffrey Sutorius and the other members of Dash Berlin, Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn, had a rather public falling out in the middle of 2018. Though Sutorius gave a brief explanation as to why he was leaving the group, fans always wondered if there wasn’t something more going on behind the scenes.

More recently, Dash Berlin has been teasing new music and a new album, along with the hashtags #EandS and #thefoundingmembers. Apparently, fans have been asking Sutorius why he has been just letting it happen without response. Finally, over the weekend he responded.

Sutorius accuses the Dash Berlin team of being very cunning, and hiding or blocking comments on Instagram and Facebook so that they can “eventually effectually erase me from Dash Berlin.”

He says, though, at the end, “I do not wish to act bitter, and I want to focus on a positive future.”

Dash Berlin’s response to this was to accuse Sutorius of having someone ghostwrite his press releases and tweets. In another tweet, they seem to suggest that Sutorius walked away from the group with some issues unresolved: “If you want peace you don’t talk to the media, you talk to your friends. And it’s not too late either. We are all still here.”

See it all below.


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