A man caught en-route to Burning Man last year with a “smorgasbord” of drugs has been sentenced to 34 months in prison.

Alexander Zelyakovsky, 46, was reportedly caught with massive amounts of drugs on the first day of the festival, which took place in Black Rock Desert. He was driving a truck through Colorado, Burning Man bound, when he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop.

The New Yorker had in total, “1125 grams of ecstasy, 376 grams of Psilocyn mushrooms, .0173 grams of LSD, 229 grams of cocaine and $26,745 in cash.” All intended for distribution at Burning Man.

In addition to his prison sentence, Zelyakovsky faces six-months house arrest and a total 3-year supervised release.


Source: Reno Gazette Journal