After the monstrous summer hit Finale, electro-pop sensation Madeon has followed up with the incredibly catchy tune aptly named, The City. Already creating a huge buzz with his amazing teaser video of a group of teens throwing colored powder everywhere, it became a worthy follow up with a string of fire releases that has projected the French prodigy, Madeon into the EDM world. Pulling up on remix duties is the genre bending The M Machine, with a more dance friendly track more situated for clubs and big festivals. Recently coming off of remixing Passion Pit and Kill The Noise & Datsik, they have leaped far into the realm of originality and ingenuity to form a sound all their own. Rather than specifically being only ‘DJ’s’ they incorporate actual live instruments and are more of an electronica group infusing different styles and tempos into one heel of an experience live.

Keeping the emphasis on the stunning vocals, The City starts very subdued with superb vocal chopping when the chorus comes in, giving the entire piece a mellow two step feel of indie-like groove. The synth that comes in is a fantastic, unique sound of underground and euphoric textures, with a variety of unusual chords making up its progression. The end result is a anthematic dance tune that will have you jumping up and down wherever you may be. And even though it is a little odd sounding, it gives it a certain charm that is unlike any song that we have heard. While this piece is a little more mainstream sounding than other M Machine fare, it is a great tune to let yourself loose and fits perfectly in any major Dj’s arsenal of tunes. They managed to incorporate that signature Madeon sound with their own flair and expression that truly is their own sound. The M Machine is almost unparalleled in their quality productions and this one is the icing on the cake. This remix of The City is out now on Madeon‘s personal label, popcultur on Beatport. Go and snag your copy today!