Earlier this week, Tim Mason released his massive track, Swoon, on Steve Angello‘s Size Records. We love Tim and his sound, we got in touch to see if he would offer us an exclusive insight into the production techniques that helped him create this banger. This is what he had to say:

Swoon as a track was a definite result of the shows I was doing in North America last year on the Roll Call tour, the records that were getting the best reactions were the big festival type sounds and the idea was getting a vibe which represented my interpretation of that.

I wanted something big for the chords so I layered with 3 different sounds – one was taken from omnisphere, another from nord lead 2x and then also the juno 60. It was the combination of the three that creates that really massive feel I was trying to deliver; I wanted some really punchy stabs for a proper hands in the air vibe.

The TR-909 was a big part of me getting the percussion right, and then for the drums I used the ShadowHill Compressor to tighten ‘em up. The effectrix was used on the main melody to give it that vinyl effect as well, big thing for me making it sound natural!

Something I use a lot on my productions and was used on Swoon as well is the Waves spectrum analyser, it’s been a big part of me getting a unique sound together for all my tracks. Can’t really go into too much more detail though, otherwise you’ll learn all my secrets, ha!”

Thank you to Tim for giving us a very detailed and interesting insight into his production methods.

You can purchase Tim Mason‘s Swoon HERE on Beatport.