It seems France has another house star on the rise.  Damian William, the up-and-coming producer whose works have been featured on Revealed Recordings and Black Hole Recordings, adds to his resume here with this latest release.  The “Papagayo/Bigabango” EP, off of High Intensity Records, is a two-track display of Damian’s authentic sound.  “Papagayo” kicks it off, using some sharp synth work and a deep bassline to set the tone early on.  The mood here is peak-time progressive house with a tropical twist, as Damian lays out the melody with an ornate chord arrangement and some terrific leads that add to the island flavor.  A high-energy groove guides the main feel, but Damian William’s musical skill really shines through in the melodic breakdowns.  The final segment is an absolute riot, where Damian ties all the elements together into one thunderous arrangement.

For the second track on the release, Damian goes in a more electro-influenced direction.  “Bigabango” is another peak-timer, with distorted synths giving the track an edgy sound.  Pounding snare hits add rhythm to the arrangement, and later on Damian uses some frenzied, high-end leads to drive up the energy.  The feel here is big-room electro, as a distorted bassline and rising leads combine for one massive groove.  The final breakdown here is an absolute treat, with a monumental build up that quickly descends into all-out madness.

All in all, this release is yet another display of Damian William’s unique, wide-ranged sound.  One progressive anthem, one electro banger, and one hundred percent dance floor gold.  Pick up your copy of the Papagayo/Bigabango EP today.  Also, look for Damian William’s next release, “Goldmember/Banzai,” to drop on February 18th.  You can listen to previews of the two upcoming tracks here and here.


Damian William – Papagayo (Original Mix)



Damian William – Bigabango (Original Mix)





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