In this week’s Unsung Heroes, we take a look at the seldom seen emotional side of Trance with a breathtaking remix by an absolute legend in Trance. Throughout many of the vibrant sub-genres existing within the grand movement that is Trance, many people have perfected a multitude of variations and interpretations to evolve it from a small genre to an entire universe of boundless possibilities. While some may like fast BPM’s, others like it slower; some like it gritty and bass inducing, while others prefer a more gentle touch to their productions. But with all of these vast producers in this scene, what does it take to truly become a master of the craft? One of, if not the most important aspects to Trance is the sheer heartfelt connection that binds all who listen and the unification of body, mind, heart and soul that brings people of all creeds together as a family of enlightened souls. There are many producers who have clearly accomplished the emotional aspect of Trance, but there are always those select few who transcend the plane of which most producers reside on and soar towards the stratosphere; as their music truly gives weight to the wonders of magic and the pure exhilaration of human existence.

While it would be easy to say that there are obvious examples, such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond, there are those who have not been bathed in the limelight. However, their hidden abilities have culminated into some astoundingly beautiful music. Rather than build a legacy in terms of live sets, record labels and radio shows, there are those who create music under a completely different mindset; one who focuses purely on the sheer joy of musical creation and those who devote their efforts on bringing the miraculous to the human ear. Finally, we turn our attention to Andy Blueman, who is a part of this rare creed of individuals. Andy has been an overseeing godfather throughout the scene, opting to produce complex orchestral scores and Classical mentalities than many of his colleagues. Blueman has had an incredibly successful career as he has gained a highly respected cult following from the ‘purists’ of Trance. But that’s just it. Only the purists know about Mr. Blueman and a majority of people who listen to Trance have no idea who this musician is. An amazing example of the limitless potential that Andy Blueman possesses is in his gorgeous remix to Static Blue & Ferry Tayle‘s single, L’Acrobat. Combining both orchestral and Balearic styles, he paints a dazzling, detailed picture that can only be experienced with ones own ears.



Blueman starts with a simplistic bassline and easy percussion as he alternates between gorgeous Major 7th chords and tonic resolutions. Luscious, flooding pads and cascading strings break apart the electronic side of the piece and breathes new life into the soundscape, almost as if the aspects of man and machine were floating together side by side. As a sublime guitar plucks some dreamy phrases, the entire feel pulses down to an ebbing low, aided by the lovely strings that Blueman has provided. The breakdown brings a special moment in the human psyche as a graceful piano line is aided by flowing pads and rolling harmonics. An angelic string section emerges as the connection to the wonderful sounds of Classical music is complete, which creates a wonderful shape in both phrasing and orchestration. Then, as the listener is lost in the thoughts of nothingness, a lone synth reminds us of the piece’s movement through each musical section as it is quickly aided by full pads, accompanying plucks and highly emotional strings. The buildup perfectly flows into a wonderful drop that is not high energy or high impact; but rather just a beautiful cavalcade of mesmerizing timbres and organized lines as the full musical beauty of Andy Blueman finally reveals itself. With the inclusion of piano as well as the incredible complex atmosphere that has weaved into sheer brilliance, it whisks those away to places yet unseen, to those who bravely venture to new and fantastic worlds of hope and bliss.

Andy Blueman‘s remix to Static Blue & Ferry Tayle‘s single, L’Acrobat, is now available at Enhanced Recordings on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this heavenly complete mix today.


Keep the music alive. -Q




Unsung Heroes is a weekly segment where we take a look back at an amazing production and bring it back into the light for older and newer fans alike. These tracks were often overlooked, overshadowed by a huge release or are just not that well known to the public here in America. Here, you can find all the hidden gems in many genres and find a new favorite track (or another tool/weapon for aspiring DJ’s).