Rasmus Hermansen a.k.a. F.O.O.L (Fuck Our Ordinary Lives) just put out his Feelings EP and it might have been the best electro house release of the year if Madeon didn’t release Technicolor just the other day. I’m in love with basically all of the tracks on this EP so it’s easier for me to tell you that Get Down and Anzo‘s remix of Feelings are my least favorite tracks than telling who which of them I like the best. Don’t get me wrong, those two tracks are awesome, but the rest of the songs are so amazing that I couldn’t even imagine trying to pick out my favorite; just listen to the EP all the way through and I’m sure you’ll understand my qualms. If you’ve been waiting  patiently for Feed Me‘s new album coming out in September, at least you have some incredible new complextro from F.O.O.L to hold you over until then!